JAIN PUBLIC SCHOOL believes that the biggest single influence on student achievement is teachers! However, there can be no teachers in the modern education system. Our team will shed away their traditional and hierarchical role of teachers and join the kids as co-learners facilitating learning for children as well as themselves!

No doubt, we recruit and retain a group of highly qualified and well-trained professionals who have no inhibition in demonstrating their willingness to learn and unlearn to suit the needs of the ever-changing educational field constantly demanding new knowledge, new skill sets and new attitudes. Our continuous professional development (CPD) techniques will ensure that they stay at the forefront of current educational practices!

Their readiness to adopt an interdisciplinary approach to teaching will not only help children to get the "whole picture" in concept-based pedagogies, but also inspire them to collaborate with others to discover new frontiers of knowledge.

For any query email us at career@jpsranebennur.com