Future of JPS Students

So, what future do we envisage …

A unique centre for preserving the natural curiosity of children and promoting creativity of individuals to develop a community of committed human resource. To help a person lead a happy and productive life, one needs to discover oneself in terms of temperaments, skills, interests and capabilities.

We at JAIN PUBLIC SCHOOL start with this very objective of helping little children tread a path of self-discovery by engaging them in a multitude of age appropriate activities operating from walled classrooms through flexible learning spaces along with learning neighbourhoods to gardens, farms, markets, nature-trails and much beyond!

So, we do not teach them individual subjects in a compartmentalized manner, we show ways of being and doing by developing the skills, habits and attitudes for kids to construct their knowledge through their own learning. We encourage them to be thinkers, questioners, experimentalists and active learners- at times celebrating their successes and at other times pondering over their failures and discovering ways to treat them as stepping stones for success sooner or later!