Academic Curriculum


Three frame works: Thematic (Vishayagat); Proficiency (Praveenta); Experiential (Anubhavaatmak)

Inquiry based learning, Investigative methods and Experiential activities will be the common thread through which learning is promoted across subjects and levels.

In Math and Science, kids are trained to construct knowledge by leading them through a systematic seven-step process of Constructivism: Elicit Engage, Explain, Explore, Expand, Evaluate and Extrapolate. This enables the child to retain the acquired knowledge for longer as well as apply the same in life beyond examinations.

Language Learning is made interesting and inspiring with the help of activities which help them traverse the path of acquiring basic skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing and move towards higher order skills like reviews, debating, discussing, creative writing, etc.

Oral traditions of Story Telling and Puppetry will find a place in regular learning of Humanities subjects which will break the monotony of memorizing facts and figures, tabulating numbers as well as absorbing content and concepts through maps and globes!

Wellness and Kinesthetics (Physical and Health Education)

Taking care of the self, others and the environment around us are key features of one’s well being. Apart from regular Sports and Games which improve agility, strength and stamina of kids as well as give them opportunities for competitive and cooperative games, weekly lessons focus on key areas in Wellness which are planned carefully to align with the social development levels of the kids. Lessons on personal hygiene, hygienic use of public spaces will help them form Healthy Habits for life.

Tryst with Nature/ (NIYATI MULAKAT)

That extra energy of children if not channelized properly will lead them astray or make them couch potatoes leading to obesity and related issues. Trekking, nature walks, adventure activities, rock climbing will not only bring out and nurture the spirit of adventure in children but also help them to build a “come-what-may” attitude, most essential to face the challenges of the future with courage.

Creative Arts

An On-Campus Art Gallery gives our students regular opportunities to display their art and perform in a supported and safe environment. Through exhibitions and performances, we foster student confidence, perseverance, and collaboration. Our kids will be offered the unique opportunity to be trained under the expert guidance of Local Craftsmen, be it in silk weaving, pottery or terracotta.

Personalized Learning Support:

Recognizing the unique needs of every single child who has her/ his own capabilities and deficiencies, JAIN PUBLIC SCHOOL Team makes special efforts to identify their specific requirements and acts as a driving force which will adapt and modify the teaching- learning processes and bridge the gaps to establish a strong foundation for coping with their academic work. Differentiating Instruction within the class room setting is coupled with extended hours of teaching for those requiring such extensive care.